Who may have access to the ads?

Access is limited to the Westminster community – students, alumni and employees.

How long does it take to be approved for a password?
How long does it take for my ad to be posted? Each request is manually approved, so it can take as much as several business days to process your request.

Why did I receive an email saying access is denied?
Most likely access was denied because we could not confirm that you are a member of the Westminster community. If you think you were denied access in error, please try again and be sure to identify yourself by stating your full name and relationship to the seminary.

What information should I include in my ad?
It is helpful to include location, the amount of rent and utilities, date available, length of lease, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, availability of kitchen or laundry facilities, furnished or unfurnished, security deposit, description of the property or situation – anything you think a tenant needs to know. Remember that you can clarify small details later – include enough information to allow for screening so you don’t have to field more inquiries than necessary.

Should I list under House, Apartment or Roommate?
If you are renting an entire house or an entire apartment, you should list under House or Apartment. If you are looking for someone to share your house or apartment, or if you have a room to rent, it would be more appropriate to list under Roommate.

Who can see my ad?
The only people to see your listing will be members of the Westminster community to whom a password has been issued.

How do I change or delete my ad?
After you post your ad, you will receive instructions in an email. Please save this email for future reference. Your ad will automatically expire after 60 days, so you do not have to delete your ad unless you choose to do so.